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We are Zala and Marlouke, together we are Zaza Casting.
A casting agency with a unique and varied database of talents from 0-100. We connect children, families and adults to image and content makers, but also fashion brands and advertising agencies. National and of course international. We are quite proud of our clear, flexible and expert approach, always with love and attention for the talents and the project. We are happy to help you with a talent or talents, feel free to take over the entire casting for you and if necessary we are present on set for child guidance and game coaching. Zaza also makes her own casting photos. Let us know what you're looking for by entering contact.

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New face

Every month one of our models, actors, couples or families shines here. This month we present: our very handsome model: Chivani!

Find your models: Look here:

Looking for families: take a look at our wide range here:

Do you also want to have your photo presented here and are you registered with us, let us know, we will pick the most beautiful photo out of your profile and show it here.

Do you have beautiful professional photos and you are not yet registered, please register first, let us know and you might be our next new face!

p.s. If you don't have beautiful pictures yet but would like to have them taken, take a look Casting Photos

ZAZA IBIZA in progress

ZAZA IBIZA in progress

In recent years we have cast several models for a shoot in Ibiza. Ibiza offers so many beautiful places to photograph or film! Take this idyllic picture. This is how we keep the summer feeling for a while. Meanwhile, there is a lot in the pipeline in Ibiza...to be continued! :-)

Casting photos

Increase your chances of a nice assignment!

We always get the question 'how do I have the best chance of getting a booking'? A nice and up-to-date profile is a must. And a good profile includes the right casting photos. With a nice profile, the client immediately sees who you are. Zaza makes casting photos in her own studio. Do you want to know more? Kijk hier: casting photos or send an email to studio@zazacasting.nl.

And if you have any questions about how things actually work at a casting agency, look at the Frequently Asked Questions


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