On the set, where the crew works very hard, it can sometimes be chaotic for a child and that is why it is very pleasant if the child is accompanied on the set. The childcare worker is the point of contact for the children and ensures that the children feel safe and comfortable during recordings, but especially between filming or photographing when the children have to wait until the next recording. We have experienced childcare providers to guide the children, please call or email us for more information.

Acting coaching

The child counselor/coach is also the point of contact for the director with regard to the children. Together with the director, the child counselor/coach discusses what is needed to ensure that the collaboration runs as smoothly as possible. If the director wishes, the child counselor/coach can also provide acting coaching.

Children's coach at Photo shoots

We regularly coach the children in photo shoots where we assist the photographer to allow the children to pose easily. Because it can be difficult for photographers to simultaneously shoot and direct the children in what they have to do, this assistance is experienced as very valuable, especially for children between 0 and 11 years.


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